Serena Resort
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      Distance just 2 hours' drive from Hanoi center, Kim Boi Serena Resort is a wonderland with a harmony of fresh air, unspoiled nature, mountains and rivers. Located adjacent to the Boi river, Serena Resort is considered an unique resort paradise in Kim Boi with stunning vista of rice fields fed by peaceful stream and bending to embrace the blue-tinted mountains.

      Inspired by the beauty of Northwest nature and culture and built from natural materials as thatched roof, wooden floor, stone and bamboo Serena Resort Kim Boi is a symbol of rusticity and simplicity. Cone Restaurant is an architectural signature with meticulous design as a good illustration of traditional culture. Serena Resort is constructed under a vision of natural reserve.

      Kim Boi warm mineral bath is a part of Serena Resort . Like a miracle treatment, warm mineral baths nurture human health. Serena resort also offers a combination of Japanese-styled Onsen with steam bath and swimming pool.

The giant Cone Restaurant



Rock Villa

Japanese Onsen bathing


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