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Warm mineral baths have been proven to be good for health, beauty and treatment for many years. Kim Boi mineral water not only enhances smooth and white skin, but does help in the treatment of some diseases such as arthritis, blood pressure, and skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, rashes. Domestic and international tourists have had favorable impression on warm mineral baths so far.

Serena Resort is the only place in Kim Boi that water temperature always stabilizes at 43 degrees Celsius, benefits human health with good minerals.

Japanese Onsen bathing (or 'thermae') area is built under Japanese architecture, a combination of warm mineral water of the river and outdoor spa pools. Hot steam strengthens immune system, refreshes mind and body, and nurtures rejuvenation.

Pool area includes an indoor pool with warm minerals in winter and cool in summer, available 24/24; and outdoor pool located in pure fresh air of Kim Boi along with bars and leisure and recreation spots

Japanese Onsen bathing


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