Japanese-style Onsen

Arriving at the Serena Resort Kim Boi Hoa Binh, visitors cannot miss the Japanese-style Onsen mineral bath service. The Japanese-style Onsen Bath brings the architecture of the country of the rising sun, which is a combination of the steam with the very heat source of the mineral in Kim Boi and the outdoor mineral bath is entirely in the fresh nature.

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General information

The effects of mineral springs in health care, beauty and healing have been recognized and known for a long time. The mineral springs Kim Boi has the effect of smoothing, whitening the skin, helping to treat some diseases such as arthritis, blood pressure,… Until now, hot mineral baths are still the unique type of tourism popular with domestic as well as international visitors.


Immerse yourself in hot springs in the cold weather, in the middle of the romantic scenery of nature not only relieves stress and fatigue, but also is the safest treatment thanks to the abundant source of minerals. The Serena Onsen Bath is diverse with 06 separate pools: 02 baths for 5 people, 03 baths for 10 people and 01 bath for 20 people. Onsen Bath is suitable for couples who want to find a romantic place, or a place for family and friends to relax in the warm water.


Immersed in the hot springs of Serena, the body completely relaxed, immersed in nature, found the interplay of interiority and landscape. Especially in autumn and winter, when the weather is colder, being soaked in warm water will make the body more tired.


Serena Resort is a fascinating place for families and friends to relax, enjoy fascinating dishes and immerse themselves in the hot springs and enjoy the warmth spread throughout the body.

Price list

Onsen 1 (20 people) 6:30 – 20:00 tank                3,500,000
11:00 – 15:00 ticket                  200,000
Onsen 2 (tank 10 and tank 5) 6:30 – 20:00 tank 10                1,500,000
tank 5                1,000,000

*The price includes 8% VAT and 5% service fee.

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