Foot massage

The functioning principle of the feet
The heart contracts the blood that carries nutrients to the whole body. It’s easy to push blood to the legs, but it’s hard for blood to flow back to the heart. When the two legs are moved steadily, they are like a pump that pumps blood to the heart. Therefore, experts often refer to “the leg as the second heart of the body.” Furthermore, the legs have 62 reflex centers with nerve endings that are associated with vital organs in the body. Thus, the activity of the vacuum not only helps us to move easily but also helps the circulation of blood in the bodying human health.
Why do you need a foot massage every day?
Protecting Foot Massage: The leg is constantly active for hours and under pressure from the whole body. We want to move, our feet need to work. We want to be balanced, our legs need to be active. Working for about 16 hours a day requires special care. Foot massage is a popular method for high effectiveness.
Healing Foot Massage: On the other hand, the palm chart shows that most of the palms in the legs are associated with organs covered in the body. This is important in healing the disease by massaging the feet and pressing the palm of the feet. According to medical experts, sometimes just pressing and massaging the right area of the palm of the feet can cure diseases involving internal organs such as the liver, heart, kidneys….
Relaxing Foot Massage: In particular, foot massage helps the body to relax after a hard day of work. As mentioned, feet play an important role in blood circulation. Daily foot massage helps to dilate tendons, improve circulation, and relieve fatigue. If the foot massage is combined with warm water, the effect is higher.
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Foot massage