29 June, 2023

Owned by the Sun Group, the Serena Resort Kim Boi is the top choice for travelers tired of the hot summer sun, to be immersed in the green symphony of nature – the meeting place of mountains, of forests, of rivers and the distinctive indigenous culture of the Muong.


Only about 80 km from Hanoi is the land of Kim Boi with mysterious fog valleys, peaceful springs, the Boi River contains the legends of Hoa Binh. This land is known for its ability to “heal” both the minds and bodies of people who are tired of the pressure and drowning of the summer in the city.


If you want to find a resort with the elite of Kim Boi, the name Serena Resort should not be missed. This place is preferably referred to as “Miniature Hoa Binh”, because of the advantages of nature, cultural beauty and human hospitality.


Serena Resort Kim Boi named by visitors “Miniature Hoa Binh”


The Green Symbol of Summer

Only 2 hours drive from Hanoi, but to Serena Resort Kim Boi is all the noise of the town, daily worries have almost left behind, visitors immediately “lost” into a summer full of dreams, where there is a magnificent view of the limestone mountain, where just breathe a breath is the fresh air has embraced the whole chest.


Inspired by mountainous natural forests and northwestern culture, Serena Resort is focused on refreshing designs with wood and cranberry building materials for 155 guest rooms. The restaurant area and swimming pool are designed in harmony with nature, bringing the natural beauty of a village in the middle of the forest, so that visitors are immersed in peace and relaxation.


Rooms are facing green gardens, making this the first sight visitors look at every new day. The first sounds of the day will be the singing of birds, the screaming insects from the forest, the Osaka flowers that make any soul healed and immersed in it forever. Located right next to the Boi River, the air at Serena Resort Kim Boi is always cool, fresh and airy.


Zen Suite is one of the “chill” rooms in the resort


Going to Serena Resort is also to forget about your phone or computer, to make friends with yoga, gym, tennis, fishing or simply a lightweight bike sighting the grasslands, rivers, breathe in the rainforest. The outdoor activities and intimacy with nature are really an effective therapy for the purification of body – mind – soul.


“Miniature Muong Village” in the Northwest Forest

The attraction of Serena Resort Kim Boi comes from the gift that nature gives specifically to the land of the Mongols. Here owns the “white gold mine” which is the hot springs derived from the limestone pavements that have a life span of 250 million years. The mineral water in Kim Boi is rich in natural minerals, not only to meet the standard for bathing but also to be used as drinking water, bringing miraculous use in the beauty of the skin and supporting the treatment of arthritis, blood pressure, stomach pain, kidney stones… Traditionally, Muong ethnic women in Hoa Binh has smooth white skin also by being soaked and bathed in mineral water.


Onsen bath in the middle of nature at Serena Resort Kim Boi


The Muong culture is also clearly expressed in the Non restaurant, which is designed as a giant cranberry hat. This is where the culinary “essence” of Hoa Binh is sent. Not exotic, luxurious, but every dish such as pork leaves, boar meat cooked leafy, roasted fish, chicken farm, rice… all conquer the heart of real guests to the most delicious ingredients and the permeable Northwestern taste.


Nowhere else is the beauty of local ethnic culture transmitted as vividly at Serena Resort Kim Boi. Most of the staff at the resort are local people, with a bright in voice, eyes, smiles, very professional, guiding in the way of service.


Non Restaurant with unique design at Serena Resort Kim Boi


Ms. Thanh Hai (Hanoi tourist) shared: “Amid the hot summer days in Hanoi, coming to Serena Resort and seeing everything becomes “soft.” Relaxed walking in the middle of nature, hot baths with views of the mountains and served by friendly locals… This place has helped to heal the guests in the gentle and peaceful way.”


All these tastes have made Serena Resort Kim Boi of Sun Group one of the most perfect hot spots near Hanoi, anyone who comes here will have a truly memorable summer vacation.