15 December, 2022

Not only the waves of the sea and the sandy shores stretching under the tropical sun evokes the desire for travel and relaxation every season. The sea calls seasons, but the mountains call all year round. Sinking in the midst of cloudy peaks, hanging behind a rainforest, or quietly in the middle of a deserted valley… the high-rise resorts are destinations full of charm and emotions.

Muong Village is a cultural space hidden in the immense beauty of nature and people. The valley of Sao Bay (Kim Boi – Hoa Bình) is one such place. Shrinking by the Boi River and nestling in the shade of the magical limestone mountains, Serena Resort Kim Boi, a 4-star resort owns the treasures of nature that have nowhere to go.

Waking up in the bush on the shore

Boi River has a small branch flowing fermented by the resort, like a scarf of a Muong girl, soft and charming. Whether you wake up in any of the 76 Executive rooms, you’ll be picked up by dawn from Boi River because they’re all designed with a large balcony facing the river. Just pulling the curtain is the blue of the mountain, the dawn has flooded the door frame like a fascinating nature painting. And surely, you’ll be awakened by the noise of bushes rising up from the lawns along the stream and the sound of wild birds roaring in the valley. Thousands of fragrances of flower leaves out there can’t get your feet in the comfortable room but thicken the cultural identity of the wall for a minute.

Before the sun rises from the mountains in front of you and spreads the sun everywhere, plunge yourself into the damp water of the outdoor mineral bath. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a glass of Serena lemon water mixed with Honey Forest right at the underwater bar… to give your body a new day. On cold days, the indoor bath with a temperature of 40°C is a great experience. However, you should only swim and soak yourself within 30 minutes, enough for the minerals of the precious water source to activate, soothing the body.

It can be said, with precious natural mineral heat sources of Kim Boi, 2 hot and cold mineral tanks invested very thoroughly in design and landscape, Serena resort Kim Boi has entered its name in the list of top resorts in the North, although it has been in operation for less than a year.

Enjoy the privilege of creation

Serena Resort is built in a simple architecture, close to nature. Bamboo, wood and glass are incorporated into the functional spaces in a harmonious and impressive way. The culinary area is located in a unique space with a tree frame roof, glass doors. Breakfast menu in addition to the popular standard 4-star dishes, do not forget to experience the specialty cake of Hoa Binh reduced by the skillful chef for the taste. The menu for lunch and evening parties is abundant and delicious because the food sources are selected locally. Mountain chickens, pigs and pond fish are always in the top menu that Serena’s chef recommends choosing from. Fresh vegetables and strawberries are grown right in the organic vegetable garden on the vast site of the resort.

The natural sliced rocks that curl around do not make the space here lose its inherent wilderness. Close to the sidewalk are pieces of small staircase fields, cranes planted with wild trees such as shrubs, flowers, forests… Going through the Rock Villa, it feels like you are lost in a small peaceful neighborhood. The breath of the northern countryside village harmonious with the spacious space of the forest creates a charming, intimate feeling.

If you go with family or a group of friends, you can rent a Grand Suite (currently there are only 2 luxury rooms available). Still in line with its unique architecture, Grand Suite rooms offer a premium open-air experience, with an outdoor hot water swimming pool, overlooking the entire resort with its adjacent mountain river. With an area of approximately 300m2, in addition to 2 bedrooms and a living room with luxurious interior, a separate hot mineral water pool, this indoor resort space is like a miniature resort paradise dedicated to you and your family.

The “Rock Villa” neighborhood with six villas is a unique combination of northwestern architecture and modern interiors. Don’t miss the experience of being the owner of these beautiful villas, even for a few days of vacation. Despite the same style, the space of each villa has its own color due to the differences in landscape design and flavor of each flower in each quiet garden. In the spring, the spruce flowers bloom in every garden, sit under the debris and watch the flowers fall… what more to enjoy!

Kim Boi is the capital of the Northern source of precious minerals, but it may be necessary to come to Serena and experience these “particularities” of creationism to fully feel the value of Kim Boi hot minerals. Its value is not only by being pumped directly at the source with a temperature of 43 ° C, not only is it for you to swim the area for about half an hour in the cluster of 2 international standard swimming pools, but also to the Onsen spa, located isolated from the recreation area, at the foot of a limestone mountain, you can see how amazing the heat mineral really is. The Japanese are at the forefront of the application of mineral heat to the nutrition of material – mental health. Designed according to Japanese standards, Onsen at Serena Resort Kim Boi is a ZEN space. At the end of April 2017, a new massage therapy area, a gym and five new Onsen areas will be opened. With the guidance of the therapist, you will experience each effect of mineral heat combining natural fragrances and relaxing massage… It can only be asserted that: when you step out of Onsen, you’ll feel like energy is completely renewed.