Serena Resort Kim Boi – the “white gold” mine of Hoa Binh

Serena Resort Kim Boi – the “white gold” mine of Hoa Binh

16 December, 2022

A destination that is not new but never old, more than 100 km from Ha Noi, the mysterious fog valleys, mountains, peaceful rivers, the Stone River contains many legends, the unique White Stone of Hoa Binh is known for its ability to “heal” both the minds and bodies of urban residents who are tired of pressure and pollution, but Hoa Binh has more than that.


The “white gold” mine in the middle of forest


Hoa Binh owns things that the locals call “white gold” – a hot source of Kim Boi. In the “four great springs” well-known throughout the north include Quang Hanh (Quang Ninh), Tien Lang (Hai Phong), Thanh Thuy (Phu Tho), the mineral hot springs Kim Boi are highly appreciated by the mineral water here can both be bathed and mined as a drink.

According to the research of scientists, the mineral water source of Kim Boi was discovered from the lime pavement about 250 million years old geologically. Traditionally, the Muong ethnic girl in Hoa Binh has smooth white skin by being soaked and bathed in mineral water. In addition to the use of smooth white skin, the composition of mineral water also contains silic – an element that helps improve some problems of arthritis, intestines, stomach, urology, etc.

In the “Rise of the Real Estate Market, Hoa Binh Resort” talks earlier this year, PGS.TS Tran Kim Chung – former Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management Research – emphasized: “Hoa Binh Province owns the Kim Boi mineral heat source and My Hao is Vietnam’s best heat sources.”

Therefore, the hot minerals of Kim Boi have long been a brand for Hoa Binh travel. Usually around October, when the weather starts to change cold, guests go to tourist resorts and resorts with hot baths in Kim Boi, such as Serena Kim Boi Resort, An Lac Eco Farm, V-Resort… to enjoy the pleasure of immersing themselves in the hot mineral water rich in nutrients, feeling the fresh flow of fresh sources gradually imbued in the skin.

According to statistics, on average, about 200,000 tourists visit Kim Boi each year, revenue of almost VND 200 billion.



Mineral hot springs in Peace are favorite by many travellers.


A colorful resort experience


“Less than a decade ago, a mineral bath in Kim Boi was a fairly simple concept with mineral water baths in cold and congested houses. The hotel then had only a few ordinary people’s choices,” Mai Liên (42 years old, Hanoi) recalled.

But now it is different, since Serena Kim Boi Resort opened in 2016, Ms. Lien and her family chose to go to Kim Boi regularly if they have a free weekend and stay 2-3 nights, because this place now has a lot to eat, play, explore.


At the time of its launch, Serena Kim Boi Resort contributed to changing the tourist face of Kim Boi as the first 4-star resort. Those who come to Serena are also conquered by forest space such as separating the outside world, fresh air, nature-friendly bamboo doors, outdoor hot mineral baths with views of the mountains.

After being acquired by Sun Hospitality Group (SHG) – the holiday tourism brand of the Sun Group has just been awarded the World Travel Awards award “Leading Resort Developer of Asia” 2022, the resort is almost scraping, upgrading many categories from design space, quality of service to staff, continuing to become a high-end resort destination in the Kim Boi region. The quality capital service platform now adds fresh colors, surprising even visitors who came here many years ago.


The quiet space is the ideal place for travelers to meditate.Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 3



About two hours drive from Ha Noi, Serena Kim Boi Resort offers a completely different world with fresh air, deserted nature, mountains, fields, rivers, streams… Only close the eyes in the moment the visitor is touched by desert nature.



Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 4


In the middle of the desert, the new version of Serena Kim Boi Resort has 150 rooms in 6 rooms upgraded by SHG designed with desert materials, familiar to the Northwest such as timber, wood, architecture… It is the desert that makes it unique and everyone wants to come back.



Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 5


Adding a new “small spot” that makes guest feel like it at Serena Kim Boi Resort is special local cuisine. The dishes at the Non restaurant are refined recipes and new additions, not exotic, luxurious but permeating the Northwest taste.

The most favorite to mention pork dishes, boar meat cooked leaf, fried fish, rice… prepared with fresh natural ingredients along with the heart and the direction of the chef.


Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 6


The main reason that visitors choose to Serena is still the mineral hot bath of Kim Boi with new onsen bathing services and areas upgraded by investors, inspired by Japanese onsen resorts.

The hot mineral source is led directly from the grounding a stable temperature of 43 degrees C throughout the year, giving a feeling of relaxation, pleasure and refreshment in the cold days. Immerse yourself in the hot mineral water in the midst of the melting green gardens, relax your body to see the romantic mountain scenery of Hoa Binh, visitors can see the body – mind – soul revived.


Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 7


If you want to feel the Japanese taste deeper, when visiting Serena Kim Boi Resort, you can choose the bungalow room class. Located under the green leaves, in front of the lake, the mountains of beautiful forests and cozy wooden interiors, this kind of romantic room helps visitors to temporarily forget about the privileges of life. The feeling of peace will be complete when each person soothes themselves with the mild autumn winter sun with a cup of hot tea early tomorrow, enjoying Osaka’s intense leisure style.

A playground for children at Serena Kim Boi Resort.Serena Kim Boi Resort, Sun Group anh 8


Having arrived at Serena Kim Boi Resort, visitors should not miss the opportunity to experience every moment of the day. Cycling in the early morning, breathing the freshness of the forest, taking yoga classes, fishing by the stream, kayaking on the river… are exciting four-season recreational activities.